Modern History 1750 to 1916 includes the late discovery era, global people movements through the slave trade, convict transportation and free emigration, the Industrial Revolution, the French Revolution, the Gold Rush, significant advancements in technology and World War 1.

Course WorkEdit

Course work is designed to give students an overview of this period of history and a broad understanding of significant events and people.

The Depth StudiesEdit

Students are giving the opportunity to study 3 topics in depth. They explore Global People Movement and may study slavery, convict transportation or free emigration in depth. In the second depth study they explore how Australia became a nation. They may study discovery, conflict with Indigenous People, the establishment of colonies, gold rushes, farming and federation. In the third depth study, students learn about World War 1. They find out how it started, who fought in it, how technology changed the nature of war and how Australian identity was forged by the Galipoli legend.